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High Precision CNC Turned Parts Specialist Sub-Contractor Based in Dorset UK using CNC Sliding Head Technology.

High Precision CNC Turned Parts Specialist Based in Dorset UK using CNC sliding head Technology


Index MS22C Multi Spindle CNC 

  • Front open multi spindle automatic for bar machining
  • Six separately driven motor spindles with C-axis capabilities
  • Speed control for optimal cutting speeds, favourable chip breaking, and short cycle times
  • High dynamics exhibiting all CNC advantages
  • Particularly suitable for part families due to flexible setup and fast changeover
  • Complete machining with driven tools in all spindle positions
  • 3 (6) tools for back working
  • Very fast synchronous spindle(s)
  • C axis and polygon turning for extended applications

Index Multi Spindle CNC - Multi Spindle Turning

The Construction

The CNC multi-spindle automatics MS22C is designed as modular system. It can be equipped with up to 62 12 CNC compound slides, Y axes, optionally two synchronous spindles and six tools for back-working, a maximum of four which are driven. The V-shaped arrangement of the tool carrier in every spindle position guarantees that only the tool holder determines the type of machining. Thus, external and internal machining can be carried out with fixed or driven tools at every station. Furthermore, the MS22C can also be configured as a twin three-spindle machine.


Back-working with up to six tool


The known advantages of the INDEX CNC multi-spindle automatics, such as the hollow-shaft motor technology in all work spindles and the optimum selection of the cutting data via the CNC program, are also integrated in the MS22C. The C axis existing in all spindle positions also allows the complete machining of complex work pieces in short time. Due to optionally available Y- axes, eccentric machining can be carried out in addition. The front-open design in combination with the intelligent arrangement of the tool carriers allows the end slide block to be omitted. This guarantees a free chip fall and thus a high process safety.