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High Precision CNC Turned Parts Specialist Sub-Contractor Based in Dorset UK using CNC Sliding Head Technology.

High Precision CNC Turned Parts Specialist Based in Dorset UK using CNC sliding head Technology


Detailed Specification of our CNC sliding head machines used at Mjb Precision Engineering Ltd:

Star SR-32 JN CNC Sliding Head Lathe - MJB Precision Engineering LtdNew March 2013 - Star SR-32 JN CNC Sliding Head Lathe

The SR 32 JN sliding head lathe is equipped with the same tooling system as the SR-32J but without the need for a guide bush. This helps reduce costs by minimising the remnant length and also by not needing a carbide lined guide bush, as is required by typical sliding head lathes.

The machine has a 6 station platen together with 4 front working drilling stations and 5 cross driven tools as standard. Front off centre drilling and angular drill attachments are also available for this machine.

The weight, robust construction and reliability of the SR-32JN provide excellent machining ability and, together with the safety features built into the Star range of machines, help facilitate unmanned production.

32mm bar | non guide bush | 28 tools


Star SR20 JN CNC Sliding Head Machine - Small Turned PartsStar SR-20 JN CNC Sliding Head Lathe


SR-20JN ideal for small length to diameter ratio parts production costs for short-turned parts are further reduced through the lack of a revolving guide bush, therefore greatly reducing remnant lengths.

A total of up to 30 cutting tools are still available including 14 power-driven tools for cross drilling, milling, slotting and angular hole machining. The new 2 position deep drilling station allows drilled holes up to 10mm diameter by 100mm deep to be carried out on the main spindle.

The fully independent sub spindle has a full C axis and coupled with  polar co-ordinates creates a virtual 'Y' axis thus enabling the machining of hexagon, square or other profiles.


20mm bar | Shorter turning than SR20J | 30 tool Specification Full 20mm Bar capacity in both Main and Sub spindles Six Turning Tools 6 Front End working tools 4 Independent Rear end working tools (8 static or 6 driven) 5 Driven tools as standard (up to a maximum of 14) 'C' Axis standard on Main spindle and Sub spindle Maintenance free Linear Guideways Fully independent Sub-spindle 35 mpm Rapid Traverse Independent deep hole drilling Spindles - Main spindle Shorter Remnant Length


Star Sv20 CNC Sliding Head Lathe - MJB Precision Engineering Ltd Star SV-20 CNC Sliding Head Lathe


Star SV-20 CNC swiss type automatic lathe Ideally suited for use with machining operations with difficult materials and for highly complex parts, the SV swiss type lathe series is able to satisfy all the demands of modern production requirements.  


With its tooling layout that includes both an 10 station turret and an opposed 7 station platten coupled with the power and weight of the SV-20 help facilitate the production of complex components in exotic materials. A multitude of accessories are also available to enable high speed gun drilling, gear hobbing, angular drilling, polygon machining and static deep hole drilling.  


In addition the availability of an upgrade to 20mm makes this 9 axis mill/turn centre a leader in the manufacture of sub 20mm complex components.


The "SV Series" high technology cnc lathe - quick and versatile 20mm bar capacity | 9 axis lathe | versatile Specification Nine Axis as standard Independent vertical platen with turning tools & 3 driven tools 310mm Headstock Stroke C Axis Both Main and Sub Spindles Ten Station Turret (all driven) Quick Release Toolholders Driven Tooling in each turret position Turret Tool Holders with multiple positions - 6 tools can be mounted on each face 3 Axis Turret Balanced Cross Milling/Drilling and Turning Vast array driven tool attachments available.